Transactional Bulk SMS

Tecoser india’s leading bulk sms gateway service provider company. Now you can send easily Transactional Bulk SMS through tecoser api. Automate sending SMS from any website, CRM or application. Access free SMS APIs with sample codes in multiple languages including PHP, Java, .NET & more. You can easily send otp messages using tecoser company’s API. Our transactional sms api service is a popular and powerful sms API.

Transactional Bulk SMS Gateway Service Provider

Transactional message is part of a Bulk Message. These types of messages can be sent mainly for information related content to the customer’s essential information such as: booking tickets, purchasing products, withdrawing or depositing money from the bank, etc. 

You can send messages to all types of mobile numbers through the Transactional SMS. Even if the mobile number is dnd activated. You can send notifications with a 6-digit sender ID to your customer at any time (24X7) with Transactional SMS.

Integrate SMS API in your software, pay only for what you use. Transactional SMS can be assigned a 6-alpha character Sender ID of your choice. It should correspond with your business or product name.

Full featured Transactional SMS API for the developers

Key features that make Tecoser
A trusted Transactional SMS provider

Use Tecoser API and its programmable features to enable premium and rich interactive conversational experience for business workflow.

SMS Deliver On DND Allowed

You may send transactional bulk SMS on DND option data.

Send SMS 24×7

You may send transactional bulk SMS on DND option data.

Instant Delivery Report Generate

Check confirmation of each sent SMS in SMS delivery report.

Free Powerful API Integration

Integrate SMS API in your software, pay only for what you use.

Worldwide SMS Messaging to the top Level

It is very important to have a trusted partner to your business to a new level and we will fill this gap by doing business with you. You join us and we assure you that we are ready to deal with any problem.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Transactional SMS is a part of bulk sms service. Transactional SMS is a non marketing message service and it is an automated SMS message sent in response to by a customer.

The value of a transactional message depends on the recruitment of your message. When you buy a message in more quantity, your price drops significantly, but if your message requirement is low then its rate is high. You can check our price page to know the price. Click Here 

By following the steps, you can easily send a message to your customer.

  • First Step
  1. Click on Tecoser Login Page
  2. Click on Bulk SMS Login
  3. Click on Join Now
  4. Fill the details
  5. Verified Account with OTP.

Now you can send message using tecoser sms login page. 

  • Second Step
  1. Login own account on tecoser bulk sms login page. 
  2. Create sender id with pe id.
  3. . Click on sms section
  4. Now compose sms
  5. Select Transactional SMS Route.
  6. Select sender id of Transactional sms.
  7. Type or Upload contact no. 
  8. Choose message type
  9. Create sms content.
  10. Click on send message

Now your message will be deliver under 60 sec. 

There are many message provider companies around the world, but there are some companies whose service quality, support quality, fast delivery is good. Like :- Textlocal, Tecoser, MSG91, Exotel, Textmagic etc..