One Time Password or OTP SMS

OTP Message means One Time Password. This is a type of password generator technology. Through which the user receives an OTP message of numeric 6 or 8 digits on the registered mobile number and the actual user is also identified upon verification. The use of OTP SMS is mainly used to integrate software, portals or websites through the application programming interface.

OTP Service for Businesses

Tecoser OTP message is a kind of password generator technology. It is used to avoid cybercrime and to make your portal, website or application highly secure. The use of OTP is mainly used by integrating software, portal or website through the application programming interface. Through which the user receives an OTP message of numeric 6 or 8 digits on the registered mobile number and the actual user is also identified upon verification, users change their password easily, etc.

OTP service is the easiest way of verifying user information and authenticating online transactions. Used by businesses to boost data security and prevent phishing attacks, an OTP service provider ensures timely delivery of OTP to the right customers via SMS and voice calls.


Features that make Tecoser
A trusted OTP SMS Provider

Mobile number verification, 2-factor login, voice backup call, OTP protected transactions with enhanced security and speed.  Tecoser India’s best One Time Password Short Message Service Provider

SMS Deliver On Non-DND Allowed

You may send Promotional bulk SMS on only Non-DND Numbers.

Send SMS 9 AM to 9 PM

You may send Promotional SMS from Morning 9 AM to Evening 9 PM.

Reginal Language

You can send Promotional SMS in regional language on option data.

Instant Delivery Report Generate

Check confirmation of each sent SMS in SMS delivery report.

Schedule SMS for Future

You can schedule promotional bulk SMS for future.

Multiple Routes

Tecoser providing multiple sms routes for user.

Worldwide SMS Messaging to the top Level

It is very important to have a trusted partner to your business to a new level and we will fill this gap by doing business with you. You join us and we assure you that we are ready to deal with any problem. Message marketing is the Most affordable marketing product or service in the industry. Because in a day every mobile user can read or not read social media, email, or any other activity in mobile, but the message is definitely read. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The value of a OTP SMS  depends on the recruitment of your message. When you buy a message in more quantity, your price drops significantly, but if your message requirement is low then its rate is high. You can check our price page to know the price. Click Here 

There are many message provider companies around the world, but there are some companies whose service quality, support quality, fast delivery is good. Like :- Textlocal, Tecoser, MSG91, Exotel, Textmagic etc..